About Paros

Sightseeing on Paros

Marble Quarries 
Paros island has a lot of interesting spots to visit. On the way to Lefkes at Marathi, you will see the old Marble Quarries. 

Venetian Castle 
At the harbour of Naoussa you will see the Venetian Castle, while at Lefkes the Ancient Amphitheatre and the library will attract your attention. 

Butterfly Valley 
If you decide to visit the Butterfly Valley, ride a donkey from the central road to take you there. 

Folkloric museum 
Very close to Paros airport is the Folkloric museum. 

Antiparos Cave 
The impressive Cave in Antiparos is a place you ought visiting during your stay in Paros. The stalagmites and stalactites create a unique scenery, quite unusual for a cycladic island. 

Lighthouse of Naoussa
A really nice walk is to the Lighthouse of Naoussa. You will find it just behind the beach of Monastiri.

Paros Beaches

Martselo and Krios 
Martselo and Krios are two consecutive beaches with crystal clear waters and magnificent view to the town of Parikia. 

Before those beaches and after you pass Aktaia, you will see a very small beach called Kalakonas. Most tourists are not aware of this beach, so it is mostly visited by locals.

The beach of Piperi is just 250 metres from the port of Naoussa. It is a quiet beach surrounded by rocks. 

The ideal beach for families with small children is Kolimbithres, an organized beach on the west part of Naoussa. There are beach bars, taverns and a parking space available. 

If you are a yacht owner, you will love the beach of Monastiri at the west part of Naoussa. It is an enclosed by rocks beach with shallow waters, which offers a lot of privacy to sunbathers.

Langeri is a sandy beach, unknown to most people. You will find it at the northeast side of Naoussa. 

Santa Maria 
If you are a lover of water sports, the Beach of Santa Maria is the place to be. The sandy beach and the area Camping will definitely enchant you. The best way to reach it is by car or bus. We wouldn’t recommend you the boat taxi, since it’s a long ride. 

Ambelas has many small beaches, ideal for families with small children. 

Very close to the village of Marmara you will find the homonym beach, as and many other small ones. They offer the best view to Paros Town. 

Pisso Livadi, Logaras and Drios 
Eastwards of Pisso Livadi, Logaras and Drios villages you will find many small beaches with shallow waters. 

Pounda is the most famous beach in Paros island. What impresses most is a new building with shops, a swimming pool and a bar. Pounda appeals to all tastes, but mostly to young people who want to party. 

Golden beach 
Paros offers a unique beach for the lovers of windsurfing. The Golden beach at the southeast part of the island. The Wind Surfing Cup takes place here. 

Following the signs from Aliki you will reach the beach of Farangas, a small unknown to the most, beach. 

Aliki is a beach at the south part of the island with many fish taverns. 

Agia Irini 
Agia Irini at the south part of Parikia offers an idyllic scenery with palm trees and blue waters. 

Parasporos is an extended beach at the southwest part of Parikia. There is a Camping and a Beach Bar just a few meters from the water. 

The Beach of Delfini lies at the southwest part of Parikia. Mostly famous to tourists who visit the island for the first time. 

The nudists will find a beach to feel free at Monastiri. However, the are several spots all around Paros for them. We would suggest you to avoid the most crowded and central beaches and prefer the isolated ones